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  This is a message from Our model is about a place. It is passive and it is organic.

A place is where we live, grew up, have family or vacation. And discover.

People simply enjoy sharing that special place with others who share those bonds. Photos are how we do it.

This is PASSIVE social media marketing.

With what you are looking at we took our client from 1,000 visitors to their website in the course of one month to over 2,300.

We also more than doubled their leads from 33 to 73.

Average pay per click for real estate is $1.50 per click. Multiple 1,300 clicks works out to $1,950 compared to what we brought to their table for $49 per month.

Spend $1,950 or $49.99 for the month? Which sounds better?

Pay per click adwords did nothing to brand your image.

And we most likely brought an affluent buyer with a bigger spending budget. Why? Think birds of a feather.

Look forward to sharing more about our unique exclusive methodology and system.

Best, Rob

Rob Cameron ~ founder
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