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  This is a message from Rob Cameron to My Guest

Our model is about a place.

A place is where we live, grew up, have family or vacation.

People simply enjoy sharing that special place with others who share those bonds. Photos are how we do it.

This is PASSIVE social media photo marketing.

This was sent once, not by the broker.

In 30 days, 394 people viewed.

You did nothing, someone else introduced you and your real estate services to 394 other people who... KNOW Aiken.

You spent less than a cup of coffee.

Not only can we bring you qualified leads, but we can bring you leads with BIGGER BUDGETS.

That's half of what we do. The other half? We will bring you listings, but listings at a HIGHER PRICE POINT.

Look forward to sharing more about our unique exclusive passive social media marketing system.

Best, Rob

Rob Cameron ~ founder
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